Thermal insulation silicone hand brewed coffee pot set

Thermal insulation silicone hand brewed coffee pot set


This coffee maker set allows you to enjoy coffee anytime at home. The included drip pitcher, filter cup or filter cup, and kettle will make your coffee drinking experience a breeze.

The Insulated Silicone Hand-pour Coffee Maker Set is a high-performance product specially designed for coffee lovers and stands out for its excellent thermal insulation performance. This set includes a glass coffee cup, a hand-pour pot, a food-grade silicone dustproof lid, and a stainless steel filter, allowing you to easily brew a cup of fragrant coffee at home and always maintain the ideal temperature.
Weight:2.08 lbs
Size:10.9 x 6.18 x 5.63 in

High borosilicate glass is not afraid of cold or heat: The high borosilicate glass coffee cup has a cold and heat tolerance range of -20°C~150°C, allowing you to enjoy delicious coffee in any season and at any temperature.

Anti-scalding fiber cover design: The hand brewing kettle is equipped with a microfiber anti-scalding fiber cover, which not only effectively insulates the heat, but also provides you with a comfortable grip. Even hot water can be easily controlled, ensuring that every brew is safe and enjoyable.

Precise water control experience: The hand-made narrow-mouth kettle can easily achieve 90-degree vertical water control, making your brewing process more precise and delicate. Whether you are a professional brewer or a novice, you can easily control it.

Made of high-quality materials: 304 stainless steel hand brewing kettle, ensuring that it is sturdy and durable and will not rust easily after long-term use. The water drop measuring spoon is made of environmentally friendly PP plastic, which is safe and hygienic, lightweight and practical.

Exquisite design: Our coffee set has a simple and exquisite appearance, in line with the aesthetics of modern life. Whether for personal use or as a gift, it is a good choice.

Set contents:
1 silicone hand-pour coffee maker
1 food grade silicone dust cover
1 304 stainless steel filter
1 food grade silicone filter cup
1 300ml graduated high boron glass coffee cup
1 microfiber anti-scald cover
1 PP plastic drop measuring spoon

Additional information

Weight 2.08 lbs
Dimensions 10.9 × 6.18 × 5.63 in



10.9 x 6.18 x 5.63 in


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