90-degree vertical control hand-brewed silicone coffee pot set

90-degree vertical control hand-brewed silicone coffee pot set


This hand-brewed coffee pot set comes with a swan-neck hand-brewed kettle with precise flow control. The 90° vertical water column makes brewing easy to control and can easily achieve the desired flavor extraction.

This set includes a glass coffee cup, a hand brewing pot, a food-grade silicone dust cover, a stainless steel filter, and a PP plastic drip measuring spoon, which injects new vitality into your coffee brewing process. Each cup becomes a unique treat.

Weight:2.08 lbs
Size:10.9 x 6.18 x 5.63 in

Hand pouring thin mouth pot: Slender swan neck water outlet channel, narrow mouth design, easy to achieve 90-degree vertical water control, the pouring process is smooth and stable, the water injection is small and even, allowing the hot water and coffee powder to gradually blend, releasing the unique flavor of coffee.
304 stainless steel filter: Use a stainless steel filter with a pore size of 23um, which can not only isolate fine powder, but also maintain a fast flow rate, making extraction smoother.

High borosilicate glass is not afraid of cold or heat: the high borosilicate glass coffee cup with scale has a cold and hot tolerance range of -20°C~150°C.
The sealed silicone pot lid is insulated and insulated: when brewing coffee by hand, the coffee liquid is collected and insulated to keep it warm; when not in use, the lid is covered to prevent dust from entering and to store the filter cup.
600ml large-capacity sharing pot: suitable for brewing for multiple people, one pot can be used for both purposes. It is both a sharing pot and a coffee cup. There is no need to prepare a separate coffee cup and can be drunk directly. The sharing pot has its own scale, which can replace the electronic scale to complete the brewing plan. Use the easy and simple brewing method to enjoy the fun of your own coffee.

Easily switch between filter and filter paper: Brewing with a filter is more environmentally friendly, but if you are used to the flow rate of the filter paper, you can also change it to your favorite filter paper for brewing.
PP plastic water drop measuring spoon: The matching water drop measuring spoon is made of environmentally friendly PP plastic, ensuring that the water volume can be accurately controlled every time you brew, providing you with a more personalized coffee experience and satisfying your exquisite pursuit of coffee.

Usage scenarios and suitable groups:

1.Daily brewing at home: Suitable for daily use at home, allowing family members to enjoy the fun of hand-brewed coffee in a comfortable environment. The lightweight and portable design makes it an indispensable part of the kitchen.

2.Office work: For coffee lovers who work in the office, the silicone hand brew coffee maker set is an ideal choice. It doesn’t take up much space and makes it easy to brew a refreshing cup of coffee between work.

3.Outdoor activities: Because the suit is made of lightweight material, it is suitable for outdoor activities such as picnics, camping or hiking. Thermal insulation ensures you can still enjoy warm coffee in outdoor environments.

4.Social networking for coffee lovers: Suitable for coffee lovers who like to share their coffee experience with friends. Demonstrate your brewing skills through hand brewing and enjoy the diverse flavors of coffee with your friends.

Set contents:
1 silicone hand-pour coffee maker
1 food grade silicone dust cover
1 304 stainless steel filter
1 food grade silicone filter cup
1 300ml graduated high boron glass coffee cup
1 microfiber anti-scald cover
1 PP plastic drop measuring spoon

Additional information

Weight 2.08 lbs
Dimensions 10.9 × 6.18 × 5.63 in



10.9 x 6.18 x 5.63 in


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