7-piece glass pour-over coffee maker set

7-piece glass pour-over coffee maker set


Whether you’re a coffee novice or an expert, this 7-piece glass pour-over coffee maker set is ideal for creating the perfect cup of coffee. Enjoy hand-brewed coffee and start your coffee journey with our set!

If you enjoy the ritual and ceremony of brewing coffee, our 7-piece glass pour-over coffee maker set may be the perfect choice for you. It contains everything you need to make delicious coffee at home. Whether you want to prepare a drink alone or serve to guests, this kit gets the job done.
Size: 20.11 x 14.76 x 5.98 in
Weight: 4.85 lb

1.304 stainless steel hand brewing kettle: Selected stainless steel material, narrow mouth and long neck spout, 90° vertical water column, easy to control the speed, flow and direction of water flow, making coffee extraction more professional. Let you easily master every coffee brewing process.

2.100 pieces of coffee filter paper: Equipped with high-quality coffee filter paper to ensure the delicateness and purity of the coffee brewing process, giving each cup of coffee the best taste.

3.Coffee filter cup: The V-shaped conical design of the coffee filter cup provides a good filtering environment for coffee and ensures that the precipitated coffee beans are fully integrated with the water.

4.Electronic scale: Accurate electronic scale helps you measure the precise weight of coffee beans, ensuring that every brewing reaches the ideal ratio and presents the richest coffee aroma.

5.Measuring spoon: The professional measuring spoon design allows you to accurately measure coffee powder and easily control the intensity of coffee.

6.Professional-grade steel-core hand-cranked bean grinder: Made from selected high-quality materials, the hand-cranked bean grinder provides freshly ground coffee powder to stimulate the best flavor of coffee beans.

7.600ml coffee sharing pot: Exquisite coffee sharing pot with appropriate capacity, convenient for sharing good times with family and friends.

Feature of product:

One-stop package: Contains all the necessary tools for hand-brewed coffee making, making coffee making easy and professional.

High-quality materials: High-quality materials such as stainless steel and borosilicate glass are selected to ensure the durability and safety of the product.

Multifunctional application: Suitable for various hand brewing methods, such as V60, Chemex, etc., to meet different taste needs.

Exquisite design: Each component is carefully designed to be both practical and beautiful, adding an artistic touch to the coffee making process.

Applicable scene:

Daily coffee brewing at home
Family gathering with friends
office break time

Additional information

Weight 4.85 lbs
Dimensions 20.11 × 14.76 × 5.98 in



4.3 x 4.2 x 7.6


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