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Silicone hand brewed coffee pot set

This 304 stainless steel filter silicone hand-brewed coffee pot set uses a stainless steel filter with a pore size of 23um, which has a finer filtering effect and ensures that the brewed coffee is purer.

Silicone hand brewed coffee pot set components

90° Vertical water flow precise control

Equipped with a food-grade silicone dust-proof cover to ensure that the coffee stays fresh, prevents contamination from external impurities, and provides a longer preservation effect.

High borosilicate glass is not afraid of cold or heat

The graduated high boron glass coffee cup has a hot and cold tolerance range of -20°C~150°C.

304 Stainless steel filter

Using a stainless steel filter with a pore size of 23um can not only isolate fine powder, but also maintain a fast flow rate, making extraction smoother.

Two ways to hold

The upper-hand grip not only satisfies the comfort of filling water, but also saves space and is convenient for storage. By holding the pot body and brewing directly, your opponent has better control over the center of gravity of the pot, making it easier to get started.

Filter/Paper can be easily switched

Filter brewing is more environmentally friendly, but if you are used to the flow rate of the filter paper, you can also change it to your favorite filter paper for brewing.

One pot for two purposes

We have designed it for two uses, both as a sharing pot and as a coffee cup. There is no need to prepare a separate coffee cup and you can drink it directly.

Two other silicone coffee pot sets

Elevating Your Brewing Experience with Quality Water

GE Genuine RPWFE Refrigerator Water Filter

Steps to use a hand brew coffee maker

Step 1

Pour an appropriate amount of medium ground coffee powder into the stainless steel coffee filter.

Step 2

Slowly pour water into the steamed coffee powder using a thin stream of water from the center outwards.

Step 3

Remove the filter and pour the coffee powder into the cup and enjoy.

Step 4

The recommended water-to-powder ratio for hand-brewed coffee is 1:15, and the water temperature is 88-92 degrees Celsius.

No Coffee Filter Hand Brew Coffee Pot Set

No filter paper required

Recycling is hygienic and environmentally friendly

Food Grade Stainless Steel

Safe, healthy and environmentally friendly

Double-layer precision filter

Pure filtration without residue

Bottom filter hole round hole design

Stable water dispensing speed and coffee flavor

Longer insulated handle

More comfortable to hold