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1. How to use a pour-over coffee maker?

1. Pour an appropriate amount of medium ground coffee powder into the stainless steel coffee filter.

2. Slowly pour water into the steamed coffee powder using a thin stream of water from the center outwards.

3. Remove the filter and pour the coffee powder into the cup and enjoy.

4. The recommended water-to-powder ratio for hand-brewed coffee is 1:15, and the water temperature is 88-92 degrees Celsius.

2. How to clean the hand-brewed coffee pot set?

Cleaning your pour-over coffee maker set is key to maintaining its performance and extending its lifespan. Here are the cleaning steps for a typical pour-over coffee maker set:

1. Remove all removable parts: First, make sure all removable parts in the pour-over coffee maker set are removed. This may include coffee pour-over pots, filters, coffee sharing pots, etc.

2. Remove coffee grounds: Gently pour the coffee grounds out of the filter and coffee pot. Use a soft brush or cotton swab to remove any remaining coffee grounds from the rim of the filter and coffee pot.

3. Clean with warm water: Rinse all disassembled parts with warm water. It can be rinsed under running water or wiped gently with a soft sponge or cloth. Avoid using strong detergents as residues can affect the taste of your coffee.

4. Clean the stainless steel filter: If the set contains a stainless steel filter, you can gently scrub the filter mesh with a soft brush or sponge to ensure that the passage is clear.

5. Regular deep cleaning: Every once in a while, perform deep cleaning to remove more stubborn coffee grease and scale. There are some special coffee machine cleaners you can use.

3. What parts does a pour-over coffee maker set include?

Our pour-over coffee maker sets typically contain multiple parts, each with its own unique function, working together to complete the pour-over coffee process. Here are the main components a typical pour-over coffee maker set might include:

1. Brewing Kettle: This is the core component of the hand-brewed coffee set, used for brewing and filling. The coffee pot has a long neck design that allows easy 90-degree vertical water control.

2.Filter: The filter is used to separate the coffee grounds from the water, ensuring that only the soaked liquid remains in the coffee. Filter types in pour-over coffee maker sets may vary, including V60 conical filters or stainless steel filters.

3.Coffee Sharing Pot: This is an auxiliary component used to pour brewed coffee from the coffee pot to facilitate sharing or adjusting the concentration.

4. Filter Paper: If you use a V60 filter, it may contain specific filter paper that helps filter the coffee grounds and make the coffee clearer.

5.Base Some sets may come with a base for placing a coffee pot or filter to prevent dripping and facilitate countertop organization.

6. Coffee cup: Some packages may include a special coffee cup for easy enjoyment of brewed coffee.

7. Electronic scale: Accurate electronic scale helps you measure the precise weight of coffee beans, ensuring that each brewing reaches the ideal ratio and presents the richest coffee aroma.

8. Measuring spoon: The professional measuring spoon design allows you to accurately measure coffee powder and easily control the coffee concentration.

9. Professional-grade steel-core hand-cranked bean grinder: The hand-cranked bean grinder selects high-quality materials and provides freshly ground coffee powder to stimulate the best flavor of coffee beans.

10. Microfiber anti-scalding cover: Some hand brewing kettles are equipped with a microfiber anti-scalding cover, which effectively insulates and ensures a safer and more comfortable brewing process.

Please note that the components of a specific pour-over coffee maker set may vary from product to product. When purchasing a set, please review our product details carefully to ensure you understand what is included in the set.

4. About packaging

We use a sturdy outer box to ensure the pour-over coffee maker set is durable enough to prevent damage.
Pearl cotton is placed inside the box to absorb shock and vibration. Make sure the pour-over coffee maker set is securely installed inside the box to avoid movement during transport.
The product description, instructions for use, return label, and any accessories (such as filter paper, stir sticks, etc.) are neatly placed in the packaging to make it easier for customers to access relevant information.

5. How to cancel my order?

You have the option to cancel your order by accessing the account orders details.
We recommend initiating order cancellation within 1 hour of placing the order. Beyond this time frame we will enter the packaging process and cancellations are no longer possible. We appreciate your understanding.

If your initial cancellation attempt within the first hour is unsuccessful, please contact our customer service Kimberly Wesson immediately at [email protected]. We will assist you in canceling your order within 24 hours. Thanks.

Upon successful cancellation, the full order amount (including $5 shipping fee) will be refunded to your personal account within 2 business days.