Official Genuine GE XWFE Refrigerator Water Filter
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Official Genuine GE XWFE Refrigerator Water Filter


The GE XWFE Refrigerator Water Filter is an official and genuine replacement that ensures clean and fresh water, providing optimal filtration for your refrigerator.

Genuine XWFE Refrigerator Water Filter

Meets NSF Standard Filtration Performance And Manufacturing Standards

  • Uses granules of high-precision natural activated carbon to accomplish purifying results.
  • Filter performs precisely like the original, but for less money.
  • Having a top-quality product has always been our approach to water purification.

Qualified Refrigerator Water Filter

Effectively lowers turbidity, sediment, rust, corrosion, taste, and chlorine.

Exceptional Fit And No Water Leaks

  • The filter fits the GE® refrigerator precisely.
  • Water leaks are virtually eliminated thanks to perfect compatibility.

Block Of Coconut Shell Carbon

  • Uses the strength of coconut shell from Sri Lanka to create our carbon block filter.
  • The high rate of chlorine adsorption, unpleasant flavor, and 0.5 m pore size.

Sells Directly From Factory

  • Selling directly from factory to you with no resellers pocketing the money.
  • Cheaper than OEM filters because there’s no brand tax added to the price.

What the Genuine XWFE Refrigerator Water Filter Could Provide?

  • GE Guaranteed Fit – Compatible with a number of GE bottom freezer and side-by-side refrigerators.
  • Premium Filtration – These filters are approved to decrease lead, and 50 other pollutants that are frequently present in water.
  • Simple Filter Replacement – You can change the refrigerator’s cartridge filters without using any tools or turning off the water.
  • Filter cartridges should be changed every six months, or 170 gallons of water filtration, for the greatest filtration results.


Product Dimensions1.8″D x 1.8″W x 9.8″H
Item Weight0.01 Ounces
Duration6 months
External Testing CertificationNSF

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 5.4 × 3.6 × 9.8 in

1 PC, 2 PCS(save $10), 3 PCS(save S20), 4 PCS(save S25), 6 PCS(save $40)


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